“I’m so impressed with RedAwning’s ability to deliver results that I’ve done a complete 180 and I’m considering purchasing additional properties in the area as they are an incredibly rewarding investment strategy.” - Fernandina Beach Homeowner



Our partner had been trying to sell his luxury beachfront home in Fernandina Beach, FL for too long and was frustrated to see it on the market for far less than what it was worth. When he approached us, he was motivated to cover his annual expenses of $50,000.



To surpass the $50K in operating costs for Fernandina Beach home.


The RedAwning Owner Program offers a complete, marketing, distribution and reservations solution for property owners by providing the largest distribution network in the world with full-service reservation and guest support.

In conjunction with the increased exposure RedAwning’s marketing and distribution services delivered, our client also took the time to personally connect with every guest by providing a personal welcome packet and offering value adding amenities such as private chef access and fully stocked refrigerators.




Quick Stats

  • Property went live early Feb, 2019
  • In his first month live his listing made $32,000 Gross Booking Revenue (GBR)
  • 60 days in, he had done over $105,000 GBR
  • Year to Date as of October, 2019 revenue was $289,710
  • Our client is on pace to surpass 300k in gross bookings this year


Since February 2019, he is already 479% over the goal to recover his operating costs of $50K per year. In April/May 2019 our client tried his own listings on Airbnb and HomeAway to see if he could do better than RedAwning.  He didn’t receive any bookings, so he deleted his listings.

Commentary On This Success

RedAwning’s complete marketing and distribution package meant that our client’s listings had the opportunity to be seen by millions of travelers every day on every major travel booking website. Since his photographs were professional quality and his content had been loaded to the maximum specifications of each channel, his content scores were high right from the start.  This helped his listing to convert at a rate that ensured they appeared higher in search results and more bookings. 

Since our client didn’t have to do any work to get his listing out on the largest network or manage any of the reservation issues, such as inquiries or payment processing, he had ample time to provide legendary service and create above-average, unforgettable experiences for his guests.

Unforgettable experiences are the foundations for customer loyalty, and this homeowner is likely to see many repeat booking next year. With his occupancy rates increasing, he may be able to increase his rates.

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