“As a real estate investor for over 30 years, the learning curve for vacation rentals was steep. With RedAwning’s guidance, coaching and support I feel I have a better understanding of this business. I have been able to start hunting for a 3rd property!

- Gatlinburg, Tennessee Home Owner


“I’m so impressed with RedAwning’s ability to deliver results that I’ve done a complete 180º and I’m considering purchasing additional properties in the area as they are an incredibly rewarding investment strategy.”

- Fernandina Beach Homeowner


“I was with another management company for 6 weeks and received only 1 booking in that time period. I decided to switch over to RedAwning. They took beautiful photos of the property, much better than the other photos. Within 24 hours of going ‘live’ I had my first booking. Being ‘live’ for just under a week, they have produced a total of 5 bookings.

- Daytona Beach Home Owner


RedAwning is the ultimate solution for vacation rental owners looking to maximize their income. We offer comprehensive marketing and management services to help you get the most out of your property.


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Our Mission

Is to give our Short Term Rental rental hosts peace of mind, knowing RedAwning can maximize the value of each property, allowing them the freedom to live their best life.


About RedAwning

What are the Mission, and Values of RedAwning?

Our mission is to give our STR hosts peace of mind, knowing RedAwning can maximize the value of each property, allowing them the freedom to live their best life. 

Our Values:

  1. Integrity: acting with honesty and transparency in all business dealings.
  2. Humility: recognizing and admitting mistakes and being open to feedback and improvement.
  3. Service: putting the needs of customers and clients first in all decisions and actions.
  4. Sustainability: operating in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible.
  5. Empathy: understanding and considering the perspectives and feelings of others.
  6. Innovation: continuously seeking out new and better ways of doing things.
  7. Teamwork: working together and collaborating to achieve common goals.
  8. Excellence: striving for the highest levels of quality and performance in all endeavors.
  9. Growth: continually learning and seeking out new challenges to improve and develop.
How long has this company been around?

RedAwning has been around for 12 years. Like any company in an emerging industry, there has been a lot of change, but we found a massive need in the industry before the public knew they needed a solution, and now is when our services are needed the most.

We focus on working with property owners who want to avoid dealing with the day-to-day hassles of managing a Short Term Rental Property and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for the service. Because we market ten's thousands of properties, we have streamlined the management process lowering the cost to you, the property owner/manager. 


Whom do we work with?

We typically work with three types of people/companies. 


  1. The individual homeowner who finds themselves with an extra property and would like to turn it into a revenue source. They need help with the best way to stage, market, or manage a Short Term Rental. They would like someone with more experience to help them manage it without charging unreasonable fees. You are looking for peace of mind that you have the right partner to help you not make any mistakes. 
  2. Investors with multiple properties are looking for a cost-effective way to offload the day-to-day management. You want marketing across hundreds of channels to get revenue in the door and make it as intuitive as possible to manage multiple properties from a single website or app.
  3. Property Management Companies are looking for the same thing as investors on a larger scale. 


ONBOARDING | Get Your Listings On All Our Channel Partner Sites

What all do I get when I sign up with RedAwning?

Great question. 

We market your property on the largest network of property rental websites known anywhere. You will be listed on not 1, 2, or 3 sites but 100's of sites that we call "Channels". 

We have what's referred to as direct connections to all of these channels like Airbnb, Expedia, Booking.com, Google Travel, TripAdvisor, Choice Hotels, Kayak, VRBO, Hotels.com, Trivago, Hometogo, Priceline, Travelocity. 

We also have access to all of their subsidiary companies, sites, and partners equaling hundreds of listings for your property.

Listing Optimization by channel based on industry data

Dynamic Rate optimization (that you control) which takes into account local events, seasonality, holidays, last minute specials, and much more.

"Awning Coverage" for accidental damage per stay covered you for up to $3000 per renter.

HD Photos (free for exclusive partners!)

RedAwning's 24/7 Customer Support for you and your renters. 

Built-in Trust Accounting to quickly autopay you.

Advice from our experts on how to best set up and manage your Short Term Rental. 

How long until I’m up and running?

Faster than anyone else in the industry.

Some channels, we will have you up and running in 24 hours. Our goal is to have all channels within a week if we have everything we need from you. Expedia and Booking.com normally take the longest for them to process.

Can I get a list of the links to my property on each site?

Absolutely!  Your Account Manager will send you links to your live listings once they are ready.  

We create a unique website for every property you list with us to share on your social, email to friends, or to hit refresh on and see how many bookings RedAwnings got you today!


What are RedAwning's fees?

There are ZERO set-up or upfront fees to get started. We only make money when we make you money! 

There are different commissions that your account manager can discuss with you in more detail. 

The level of service is dependent on where your property is located, what type of support we have in that area, and how much you decide is needed.

Normally our fees start at 10% and go up from there based on your needs. 

What about commissions or listing fees paid to websites like Booking.com, HomeAway/VRBO, etc.?
Commissions to the website channels vary, however, RedAwning ensures that the appropriate channels receive their commission on your behalf.  You are never charged for channel commissions or listing fees, and you only pay RedAwning’s 10% on actual bookings.
How and when do I get paid?

We pay all of our individual owners via ACH direct deposit through Stripe Connect. 

You will set up your Stripe Connect account during the onboarding process and the funds due you are held securely at Stripe until each guest checks out. 

Then, the payments are automatically sent to your bank account. You can always log in to the RedAwning Portal to see your past and future bookings and payments.

When a booking is made for my property, do I receive a breakdown of revenue, commission and credit card fees?

Of course! Transparency is key to earning your trust.

The booking confirmation email will break down all payments for that specific booking, including

- Rental charges

- Cleaning fee

- Miscellaneous fees (pet, extra guest)

- RedAwning commission

- Credit card fee

- Taxes remited to owner that will need to be paid

- And the total amount payable to you.

What is the tax rate, and how is it collected and paid?

During the Onboarding process, we gather what local, city, and state taxes are required for Vacation Rentals in your location.  

RedAwning collects taxes on each booking and remits them to you, along with your booking revenue. You will receive an itemized breakdown for each booking with the revenue, fees, and taxes. Tax payments are made by the owner directly to each tax entity.


Will I have control of my rates?

In partnership with our account management team, we will work with you to set-up RedAwning Smart Pricing. Our dynamic rate platform is powered in partnership with Pricelabs to manage prices and availability with data-driven insights and automation rules. 

We’ll curate parameters specific to your home to optimize rates and occupancy based on market demand.  Algorithm-driven, dynamic, real-time pricing, ensures you’re never under or over-priced. 

- Customizable Data-Driven Pricing

- Bulk Adjustments

- Dynamic Minimum-Stay Rules

Will my property’s rates be the same on all channels?

Yes, your rates will all match across every platform and website channel and are dynamically changed based on your preferences and our AI pricing engine. 

Can I run promotions or specials, and if yes, how do I do this?

Have trust in the algorithm, the Smart Pricing rate parameters we configure for you will automatically run Last Minute, Book Early, and Save Now Deals to get your listing better page placement on channels or boosted.

At any time you can also work with your Account Manager to customize offers.

How do I charge for extras or incidentals (i.e. pet fees)?

When you build your listing in our Smart Portal, there's a section where you can add additional charges or fees, such as Resort Fees, cleaning, Pet, etc.

This can also be added during On-Boarding, and RedAwning will ensure the guest is informed and charged accordingly.


What’s the RedAwning Damage Waiver?

RedAwning provides a damage waiver that covers accidental damage up to $3,000 with every booking.

The guest is required to pay a $50 damage waiver fee per booking.  Claims are submitted by the homeowner via a single-page claim form, along with any invoices or photos for repairs. Reimbursements are made via check, and guests are never disturbed.

This is the easiest damage claim system in the business and results in more renters for you since they don't have to pay a large deposit to stay in your rental. 

In the past I have required a refundable damage deposit. Do I still have this?

Because of our required Damage Waiver, security deposits are no longer needed.

We've had incredible success with this system and guests prefer it. We have found that guests prefer this, and it improves conversion to booking rates compared to having a large damage deposit.

What if a guest causes accidental damage over $3000?

After hundreds of thousands of rental contracts, this is very rare, however, if this happens, we would pay you $3,000, and you would have to submit a claim to your Homeowner’s Insurance for the remainder. 

Who covers the cost of damages should a guest instigate a chargeback dispute?

As merchant of record, RedAwning handles all chargeback disputes on the owner's behalf. 

What a relief right?

Does RedAwning offer travel insurance?
We offer guests the option to purchase travel insurance at the time of booking but it is not something that comes out of your fee if they do choose to do so. 


How do I send information to my guests? Is that through you or do I send it directly?

You will receive guest contact information from RedAwning for every reservation you receive. If you would like, you can contact your guests directly.

Remember that RedAwning’s Guest Services Team will handle everything from pre-check-in to post-checkout messaging, and questions from guests.

In addition, we send out a host introduction at least 25 days before arrival, and we also email your guests check-in instructions 5-7 days prior to their check-in date.

Can I screen guests before approving them?
When we send you a booking, we consider it a confirmed and valid booking. However, if you discover guests do not meet certain criteria, you are free to contact us and request a cancellation. Please note that in order to book through us, guests must be 25 years or older.
Will guests see my picture or my name and contact information on my listing?
Some channels do not allow this, so your listing will be branded as RedAwning.
When will I receive notice of a booking?
RedAwning’s policy is to remove the ability to book a property if it is within 48 hours of the arrival date. This is to give owners enough time to prepare for their guests. If a booking comes in greater than 48 hours to arrival date, an owner will receive a notice the day the booking is made.
Will I know which channels my guests booked through?
For sure, as an Owner, you can request monthly or quarterly reports to view which channels your guests used to book your property.
When the guest makes a reservation, do they pay in full?

Guests are required to pay 50% at the time of booking. The remaining 50% is due either 30 or 60 days prior to their check-in date.  This will depend on which cancellation policy you select during onboarding.

After three successful rentals, you have the option to receive payment 15 days prior to guest check-in via ACH transfer to a Bill.com account.  There are no fees associated with using or transferring funds from your Bill.com account.


What is my cancellation policy?

All properties in our Owner Program can offer either a 30 or 60 Day Free Cancel policy. Cancellations by guests made either 30 or 60 days prior to check-in are fully refundable. Guest cancellations made within 30 or 60 days are non-refundable, and owners will receive the full amount of the booking.

I’m not sure I understand why a Free Cancel policy helps me?

What we've learned from over 1,000,000 bookings is that having a "Free Cancel Policy" gives potential renters more confidence and results in them being more comfortable booking. 

Our network of top travel websites has seen a substantial increase in the performance of "Free Cancel" listings and places these higher in search results. We see 80%+ of guests proceed with their original booking.

Guests love the flexibility of "Free Cancel", but for a property owner, it can sound a little counterintuitive to offer the ability to cancel with no penalty. However, listings with a "Free Cancel Policy" consistently perform better because of this flexibility. Guests have the freedom to cancel outside of 30 or 60 days, so they feel fewer inhibitions about booking the property.

You the owner gets to choose either 30 or 60 days based on your comfortability as well. 



Can I block my property’s calendar for the times I plan to be there?

Of course, you can block owner or friends/family use by logging into your "RedAwning Smart Portal".  The calendar has a live feed to all channel websites, and your dates will automatically be blocked across all channels.

What we have seen work best is to have calendars open for at least 6-12 months without interruption and accurate rates to yield the best ranking and conversion rates across all channels.

Can I still take direct bookings from repeat guests?
Absolutely!  As long as RedAwning has the ability to book your property for at least 6+ months every calendar year, you are welcome to take direct bookings without paying RedAwning a commission.


How can I add more photos or change my property description?
You can alter rates, calendars, minimum nights, and fees in your "RedAwning Smart Portal".  For changes to photos, descriptions, titles, amenities or fees, please notify your account manager and they will make the changes for you.
How difficult is it to list additional properties?

Extremely easy, your account manager will assist you in building the new property listing in your "RedAwning Smart Portal" and will typically get it live within 1 week or less. 

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