Loren Castillo

RedAwning's Innovative Communication Hub in Response to Airbnb's Email Alias Feature Change


Companies must remain adaptable and responsive to changes as the short-term rental market evolves. Airbnb, one of the key platforms in this industry, recently announced discontinuing its email alias feature by September 30. The email alias feature allowed hosts and guests to exchange emails and documents without logging into Airbnb. Despite its convenience, Airbnb cited safety concerns as the main reason for this move.

Airbnb's decision could discourage direct bookings and off-platform communications, exposing hosts and guests to customer service issues. It's also part of their drive to keep all interactions within the Airbnb platform. They've advised users that they can still securely share documents by providing a link to guests through the Airbnb inbox.

RedAwning, a property management company, has devised an innovative solution to this impending change. RedAwning has developed a communications hub that allows hosts to stay connected with their guests without logging into Airbnb. 

How does RedAwning's communication hub work? It repurposes communications from hosts' preferred email vendor or communication method via an API into the Airbnb inbox. Hosts can continue communicating through familiar methods without worrying about logging into Airbnb. 

RedAwning anticipates that other platforms may also implement similar changes as Airbnb. Consequently, the new communication hub is designed to be versatile. It integrates with Airbnb and other platforms like Booking.com and RedAwning's own mobile app. This ensures seamless, secure communication across multiple channels, providing peace of mind to hosts and guests alike.


Q: What is RedAwning's communication hub?

A: RedAwning's communication hub is a newly developed feature that allows hosts to communicate with their guests without logging into Airbnb.


Q: How does the communication hub work?

A: The communication hub uses an API to repurpose communications directly from hosts' preferred email or communication method into the Airbnb inbox.


Q: Will the communication hub only work with Airbnb?

A: No, the hub is designed to integrate with other platforms, such as Booking.com and RedAwning's mobile app, in anticipation of similar changes from these platforms.


Q: How does the communication hub enhance safety and security?

A: The hub keeps communications within the secured inboxes of platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com, reducing potential vulnerabilities associated with off-platform communications.


In conclusion, Airbnb's decision to shutter its email alias feature represents a significant shift in the short-term rental landscape. However, RedAwning's innovative communication hub provides an effective solution that ensures continued, secure communication between hosts and guests. As the rental market continues to evolve, such innovations are crucial in delivering a seamless, secure, and convenient experience for all parties involved.


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