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Rent Your Vacation Home or Condo in South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is a great place to vacation as it has a variety of restaurants and activities to choose from. Not only are there hotels, but there are also vacation rental homes available for rent. There are two main types of South Padre Island short-term rentals: detached houses and condos. Detached houses are the most common type of short-term rental in South Padre Island, while condos are becoming more popular. Both types of short-term rentals offer similar benefits: easy access to the beach, easy access to restaurants and shops, and a relaxing atmosphere. If you decide to rent an attached house, be sure that you have enough bedrooms; if you rent a condo, check for A/C and kitchen appliances. Whatever type of South Padre Island short-term rental you choose, make sure that it meets your needs.

When partnering with RedAwning for your property management needs, we can make sure your South Padre Island rental is set up correctly and ready to generate the most amount of revenue possible per stay.

Current Vacation Rental Trends in South Padre Island

During the month of May, South Padre Island is projected to generate over $320/night for a 2 bedroom vacation rental, on average! There were 2,515 vacation active rental properties in South Padre Island.  2,476 are renting the entire place, and 39 are shared rooms.  On average, during the month of May 2023, each vacation rental property in South Padre Island is booked 62% of the time, and most hosts are projected to generate $4,388 or more during the month of May! See how much you could earn with our free vacation rental income calculator.

$320.00 Per Night*


61% Occupied*


$4,388.00 Per Month*

* Based on the median average of all vacation rentals in the South Padre Island area.
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Featured South Padre Island Vacation Rental Generating Record Profits With RedAwning

Manu Kai- Beachfront House with private pool and hot tub Starting at $1,286 to $2,935 per night!

"Manu Kai" Elegant beachfront retreat for the larger family or two families. Beautifully decorated 5000 square foot beach house with 100 feet of beach frontage overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Six bedroom six bath private home with swimming pool and hot tub, Maximum occupancy 12 persons. The "Manu Kai" is located within the exclusive Shores Subdivision. The floor plan is very open with expansive living spaces separating the bedrooms, three bedrooms on one side of the house and three... Read More

This South Padre Island vacation home is presented on every travel website, where travelers are looking to book accommodations (Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, Google Travel, and hundreds more). And, with RedAwning's dynamic pricing, daily rates are adjusted based on seasonality and demand in South Padre Island.

Successful short-term vacation rentals in South Padre Island, Texas

Short-term rentals are a growing trend in South Padre Island, Texas. With so many visitors to the area, short-term rental owners can make some extra income while they’re away. There are a few things to keep in mind when you rent out your home: Some cities and counties in South Padre Island, Texas have restrictions on short-term rentals (for example, no rentals of less than 30 days). Contact the local authorities for more information. As a homeowner renting out your home for less than 30 days a year, you may be eligible for property tax relief from the state. People from all over the world come to South Padre Island, Texas to enjoy its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere. If you rent out your home during peak seasons, you could make some extra money without putting much effort into it.

When deciding to rent out your South Padre Island vacation home or apartment, there are a number of positive trends that you can take advantage of. One of the most important is the increase in short-term rentals. This is due to the fact that people are looking for more affordable ways to vacation in South Padre Island. It’s also because people are increasingly looking for ways to save money on their travel expenses. For longer-term rentals, you’ll also have an advantage if you’re willing to offer a higher rate than other potential renters. There are, however, some things that you need to be aware of when renting out your South Padre Island home as a short-term rental. First of all, you need to make sure that it meets the requirements of the short-term rental law in Texas. Specifically, it needs to be listed on your property record and it needs to be designated as a residential property. In addition, if you plan on renting out any part of your house (not just one room), then you need to get permission from the owner before listing it.

RedAwning takes the guess-work out of South Padre Island property management, and we work with you to ensure your South Padre Island short-term rental is set up perfectly to attract guests and maximize your rental revenue, from day-one.

See how much your South Padre Island vacation rental could earn:

Revenue Projections for Vacation Rentals in South Padre Island, Texas during June, 2023

Based on a 2 bedroom, which is the most common South Padre Island vacation rental home size, we've come up with an estimated rental amount you could charge per night and how much demand there is for each day in June. Higher bars below can command higher prices, if your South Padre Island vacation rental is available during these days.

Average Daily Price & Percent Occupied Next Month In South Padre Island

Note: These averages are based on a 2 bedroom home in South Padre Island. If you'd like to find out how much revenue your home could make by providing the number of bedrooms and specifics about your vacation rental, please try our  free vacation rental calculator and/or speak with one of our vacation rental experts about your vacation home, condo or unique vacation rental experience.

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