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Hochatown is a growing small town in Murray County, Oklahoma. The population has grown dramatically over the past decade, from 2,532 in 2000 to 4,826 in 2016. The median home value in Hochatown is $130,900. Vacation rentals are a growing trend in Hochatown. In 2017, there were 39 vacation rentals listed on Airbnb and HomeAway properties. That number is only expected to grow in 2018. The biggest reason people choose to rent out their Hochatown home as a short-term rental is because short-term rentals are more affordable than traditional long-term rental homes. Rental rates for Hochatown homes can range anywhere from $100 to $1,200 per night.

When partnering with RedAwning for your property management needs, we can make sure your Hochatown rental is set up correctly and ready to generate the most amount of revenue possible per stay.

Current Vacation Rental Trends in Hochatown

During the month of November, Broken Bow, for example, is projected to generate over $352/night for a 3 bedroom vacation rental, on average! There were 3,477 vacation active rental properties in Hochatown.  3,469 are renting the entire place, and 8 are shared rooms.  On average, during the month of November 2023, each vacation rental property in Broken Bow is booked 55% of the time, and most hosts are projected to generate $5,573 or more during the month of November! Is your home in Hochatown and areas including , 74728, or another neighborhood in Hochatown, Oklahoma? See how much you could earn with your Hochatown vacation rental.

$352.00 Per Night*


55% Occupied*


$5,573.00 Per Month*

* Based on the median average of all vacation rentals in the Hochatown area.
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Featured Hochatown Vacation Rental Generating Record Profits With RedAwning

Copper Creek Open Cabin with Game Room and Hot Tub on the Deck Starting at $409 to $1,024 per night!

Sleeps 8 – This spacious, open concept cabin with cathedral ceilings offers a bright welcome to visitors. The cabin is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath cabin with a 600 sq ft. media and game room separated by a covered breezeway. In the game room there are 2 queen futons, half bath, wet bar, and pool table. Boasting a 60″ television and Dish Network, this addition is great for those family game nights. The large back deck overlooks a seasonal gently moving creek, the soft trickling a perfect addition... Read More

This Hochatown vacation home is presented on every travel website, where travelers are looking to book accommodations (Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, Google Travel, and hundreds more). And, with RedAwning's dynamic pricing, daily rates are adjusted based on seasonality and demand in Hochatown.

Successful short-term vacation rentals in Hochatown, Oklahoma

By definition, a vacation rental is a property that’s available for rent to travelers during the summer or other peak times of the year. In Hochatown, Oklahoma, vacation rentals are an attractive option for homeowners who might not have the time or energy to maintain their home in the off-season. Plus, there’s a demand from visitors looking for an affordable way to experience local culture and attractions. Unlike long-term renting, where you get to keep the full rental price after expenses (like utilities and maintenance), short-term renting is generally more profitable if you're able to charge a premium price. The main benefit of short-term renting is that you can avoid expensive property repairs and maintenance. And, if you rent out your property on multiple days per week, you can earn extra income by charging higher rates per night. However there are some drawbacks to short-term renting. First and foremost, it's very difficult to predict how much your property will be rented each season. Second, properties that are regularly rented out tend to attract more people who aren't good at maintaining their homes — which can lead to more damage and wear and tear.

Positive vacation rental trends in Hochatown, Oklahoma when you considering renting out your Hochatown home as a short-term rental. If you are looking to accommodate guests in the area, there are a number of factors that you should consider before taking the plunge. When it comes to choosing a location, you should always keep in mind the weather, as well as other factors such as access to public transportation, nearby amenities and even local attractions. It is also important to know what type of experience you want your guests to have when staying at your property. For instance, if you want them to be able to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing or hiking, then an apartment might be the right fit for them. However, if you are looking for something more lively and social like a cabin or RV park, then this might not be the best option for them.

RedAwning takes the guess-work out of Hochatown property management, and we work with you to ensure your Hochatown short-term rental is set up perfectly to attract guests and maximize your rental revenue, from day-one.

See how much your Hochatown vacation rental could earn:

Revenue Projections for Vacation Rentals in Broken Bow/Hochatown, Oklahoma during December, 2023

Based on a 3 bedroom, which is the most common Hochatown vacation rental home size, we've come up with an estimated rental amount you could charge per night and how much demand there is for each day in December. Higher bars below can command higher prices, if your Hochatown vacation rental is available during these days.

Average Daily Price & Percent Occupied Next Month In Hochatown

Note: These averages are based on a 3 bedroom home in Broken Bow. If you'd like to find out how much revenue your home could make by providing the number of bedrooms and specifics about your vacation rental, please try our  free vacation rental calculator and/or speak with one of our vacation rental experts about your vacation home, condo or unique vacation rental experience.

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