Rent Your Vacation Home or Condo in Lenoir, North Carolina

According to a report by HomeAway, many of Lenoir’s vacation rental properties are occupied year-round. The majority of renters are families with young children. The median size of a unit is between 300 to 400 square feet and they typically rent for between two to four weeks at a time. There are also a large number of vacation rental properties in Lenoir that are occupied by single people who want to stay in the area for short periods of time. Vacation rentals for short terms tend to be smaller and more affordable than full-time rentals. Renting out your property can be a great way to make extra money while you are on vacation. You can charge higher rates during the peak season and then offer reduced rates during the slower months when fewer people are looking for lodging options in Lenoir, North Carolina.

When partnering with RedAwning for your property management needs, we can make sure your Lenoir rental is set up correctly and ready to generate the most amount of revenue possible per stay.

Current Vacation Rental Trends in Lenoir

During the month of November, Lenoir is projected to generate over $257/night for a 2 bedroom vacation rental, on average! There were 163 vacation active rental properties in Lenoir.  159 are renting the entire place, and 4 are shared rooms.  On average, during the month of November 2023, each vacation rental property in Lenoir is booked 76% of the time, and most hosts are projected to generate $5,032 or more during the month of November! See how much you could earn with our free vacation rental income calculator.

$257.00 Per Night*


75% Occupied*


$5,032.00 Per Month*

* Based on the median average of all vacation rentals in the Lenoir area.
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Successful short-term vacation rentals in Lenoir, North Dakota

Positive vacation rental trends in Lenoir, North Carolina when you considering renting out your home as a short-term rental. The majority of people who rent homes in Lenoir are looking to put their property on the market for long-term or permanent use. However, there are also those who want to make some additional money by renting out their home on a short-term basis. When you rent out your property as a short-term rental, you will have more flexibility in terms of pricing and availability. If you are looking to make extra money, short-term rentals may be a viable option. There are several things to keep in mind when considering short-term rentals in Lenoir, North Carolina. First, it is important to review the laws and regulations regarding short-term rentals. Second, consider whether renting out your home during peak seasons is worth the extra money you earn. Finally, be sure to have everything ready before you list your property online so that potential renters can find your home quickly.

When you consider vacation rental trends in Lenoir, North Carolina, you’ll notice that there is a significant increase in positive vacation rental trends. Here are a few of the most common trends: There are an increasing number of people who rent out their Lenoir home as a short-term vacation rental rather than as a long-term residence. People are making more conscious decisions when they choose to rent out their Lenoir home as opposed to owning it. There is also an increase in Airbnb and VRBO rentals. The birth rate for babies born in 2017 was at its highest since 2004, with 871 babies born that year.

RedAwning takes the guess-work out of Lenoir property management, and we work with you to ensure your Lenoir short-term rental is set up perfectly to attract guests and maximize your rental revenue, from day-one.

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Revenue Projections for Vacation Rentals in Lenoir, North Carolina during December, 2023

Based on a 2 bedroom, which is the most common Lenoir vacation rental home size, we've come up with an estimated rental amount you could charge per night and how much demand there is for each day in December. Higher bars below can command higher prices, if your Lenoir vacation rental is available during these days.

Average Daily Price & Percent Occupied Next Month In Lenoir

Note: These averages are based on a 2 bedroom home in Lenoir. If you'd like to find out how much revenue your home could make by providing the number of bedrooms and specifics about your vacation rental, please try our  free vacation rental calculator and/or speak with one of our vacation rental experts about your vacation home, condo or unique vacation rental experience.

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