Vacation Rental Report For Palm Springs, California

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Vacation Rental Revenue And Average Daily Rates Are Up

Coachella Valley and Greater Palm Springs saw nearly 19 million visitors and over $6 billion in tourism-generated revenue, with preliminary data promising impressive continued growth.


Demand Is Outpacing Supply

During the past seven-year period, price growth has accounted for about 70% of total revenue growth which poses the question: Are your Palm Springs properties earning up to their full potential?


Are You Charging Enough For Your Palm Springs Vacation Rentals?

Which OTAs Have The Broadest Regional Reach

How Do Vacation Rental Accommodations Stack Against Hotel Accommodations? 


What Can You Do To Get Your Share Of This Market Right Away?

Is It Worth Investing In Additional Inventory In Palm Springs?

How Are Vacation Rentals Thriving In The Current Regulatory Climate?


The Breakdown Of License, Permit and Tax Regulations By City

How Early Are Guests Booking Their Accommodations? Is Your Calendar Updated Far Enough In Advance?

How Much Do Occupancy Rates Vary Year-To-Year? What Can You Expect?

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