Vacation Rental Report For Austin, Texas

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Occupancy Rates Are Rising

Occupancy reached a record high of 86% for the county in Q1 2019, with Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale leading the pack.  What Is The Competition in Your Market Charging Per Night? 


International Travelers Are Flocking To Broward County

Over 36 million domestic and international travelers passed through Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) last year.  Get on a Global Distribution Plan That’s Right For You.


RedAwning Partners in Broward County Outperform Industry Average by 263%

Broward-based RedAwning partners saw a 186% YOY increase in bookings, with a bookings index (how properties perform versus the Florida average) increase of 532% Find Out How To Gain Market Share In The Region.


Vacation Rental Travel Profile Breakdowns

What Can You Do To Get Your Share Of This Market Right Away?

Is It Worth Investing In Additional Inventory In Broward County?


Average Occupancy, RevPar And ADR Rates

Specific Regulation Requirements in Broward County

Average Party Sizes And Length Of Stay


How Early Are Guests Booking Their Accommodations? Is Your Calendar Updated Far Enough In Advance?

How Much Have Occupancy Rates Varied Year-Over-Year? What Can You Expect?

How Travel Has Impacted The Local Economy In Broward County

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